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Code of Conduct for the Baltimore Vim user group

The Baltimore Vim group is founded around the idea of sharing great information and having a good time programming, for everyone who wants to learn something knew, or share something awesome they know, regardless of gender identity/expression, race, creed, age, disability, or any of the other ways which humans are forcibly divided.

Illegal activities will not be permitted in any capacity.

Harrassment, intimidation, or physical violence will not be tolerated. Anyone who violates this standard will immediately be asked to leave the group. Derogatory/insulting language or behavior, especially based on demeaning stereotypes, will merit a warning, and multiple offenses will also result in expulsion from the group. Particularly egregious violations may result in immediate expulsion on first offense.

Speakers are expected to adhere to this code of conduct. Content warnings are expected for any talk which might cause stress to audience members, and lack of such consideration may cause talks to be rejected in the future.

The meeting space will be treated with care and respect. Property of the meeting space must be handled with care, and trash not left lying around. Anyone who is seen to be mistreating the space may be asked to leave the group.

If you feel as though another member has violated these standards, please contact an organizer, either in person or through email/Twitter. Your anonymity will be respected unless you give permission to use your information in connection with any reports.